Our History

It was in 1989 that Tranby Aboriginal College, located in Glebe, implemented the Western Sydney Community Adult Education Outreach project, in Mt Druitt. The ‘unique’ conditions and circumstances, in which Aboriginal people were (and continue to be) situated, lent themselves to the need for such a program to be offered. An Aboriginal Advisory Committee was established, the project was housed in the then Pittuma Aboriginal Arts and Resource Center at 42 Copeland Road, Emerton and Jennifer Beale, employed as the project officer, began the inaugural Western Sydney Community Adult Education Outreach project.

Funding for the project came from the then Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme (WSAAS), of the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning. In mid-year 1990 Jenifer Beale took leave to undertake study. It was at this time that Jack Gibson moved from Dubbo to take up the Project Officer position. 

Upon the completion of the project, at the end of 1990, DoCS picked up, and funded, the project under their Community Services Grants (CSGP) Program. Following the transition from WSAAS to DoCS the Aboriginal Advisory Committee, Tranby and DoCS entered into negotiations for the Aboriginal Advisory Committee to manage the project as an autonomous community-based organisation. On Monday 27th October 1993 the Aboriginal Advisory Committee became incorporated under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976 and assumed the name of ‘Butucarbin Aboriginal Corporation’.