Family Group Conferencing

Butucarbin Aboriginal Corporation understands that everyone’s family circumstances are diverse and believe Aboriginal children and young people have a right to be raised in their own culture.

Family Group Conferencing builds on people’s strengths and supports families to overcome challenges. Family members join together in making important decisions to develop a case plan in the best interests of the child or young person. FGC promotes a respectful and helpful way to create a plan that everyone has participated in and agrees to.

We have qualified facilitators offering families a safe and supportive environment where important decisions are to be made that are realistic, positive and will last over time.

What is FGC?

Family Group Conferencing is an opportunity to bring family members together in a respectful and positive way with a facilitator to make a plan for the well-being of their child or young person.

How does FGC work?

A Caseworker will discuss with family the benefits of being part of a Family Group Conference and if agreed upon, the Caseworker will complete a referral and give it to one of our FGC facilitators. Our facilitator will then organise the Family Group Conference and ensure everyone in attendance of the conference will be able to speak and be heard.

Facilitators aren’t involved in making and decisions about your children and family. They are there to support families in developing a plan that has the wellbeing of your child or young person in mind.

There are three stages of a Family Group Conference;

  1. Information sharing– Introductions of participants, discussion on the family facing difficulties and concerns.
  2. Family time– Private time only for family members to discuss and develop a plan about concerns raised.
  3. Presenting and Agreeing to the plan– Plan stating what needs to be done, by who and when it needs to be done. All participants need to agree to the plan and will receive a signed copy of the plan.

Who can attend?

Facilitators will ask the parents/caregivers who they would like to attend. This could include members of your family, extended family and a support person or a community elder. They may also want to invite agencies that have been working with the family.

Children and young people may attend the FGC depending on their age, maturity and what needs to be discussed. They can also write their thoughts and someone else attending the conference can read this out for them. The same applies for family members who are unable to attend due to court orders/ incarceration or illness.


The facilitator will ask the family when they would like a review meeting. This is a great opportunity for the caseworker, family and other agencies working with the family to meet and discuss progress of the plan.

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