Butucarbin Aboriginal Corporation

Butucarbin means “Black Egg” in the Darug language. The ‘Black’ represents Aboriginal people and the “Egg’ is symbolic of new life. Hence, Aboriginal people’s participation in Butucarbin’s programs will lead to a new life.

The circles at the top and bottom of the egg represent ‘learning circles’. These circles are surrounded by boomerang shapes, which represent ‘people’ who are participating in the learning circles. The plant in the middle of the logo represents the ‘seeds of knowledge’, which are being shared between learners. The larger boomerang shapes beside the ‘seeds of knowledge’ are the learners who travel between learning circles and share that knowledge. The lines on either side of the learners, who share knowledge, represent pathways and access to learning. The hatchings on either side of the pathways represent the Aboriginal community who benefit from this learning. The triangle shapes around the egg represent the range of programs and activities offered by Butucarbin.  Artwork: Tex Skuthorpe